Matthew Stone
Healing With Wounds

Matthew Stone

Healing With Wounds

July 6th – August 29th, 2016

Somerset House
Strand, London


The Hole and partnership with Somerset House is proud to announce solo exhibition by Matthew Stone.

‘HEALING’ presents a series of new digital paintings by artist Matthew Stone. Using computer generated 3D sculpting, painting and rendering, Stone’s hand-painted abstract brushstrokes emerge in human form.

In 2004 the artist was instrumental in founding and developing the Peckham-based squat-art collective !WOWOW!. At the time, Stone presented this network as an artwork. His photography and performance documentation included here, show these experiments in connecting bodies with their kinaesthetic potential in social contexts. ‘HEALING’ traces a continuum from social practice via photography & abstract works into formal, painterly figuration.

The new works, use technology to break with the history of painting on a flat surface, lifting the strokes into a virtual and free space. The addition of shadows and foreshortening creates an illusionistic – trompe l’oeil sense of depth and perspective within the canvases. The paintings show diverse bodies both in play and at war. Stone seeks to highlight the central role that interdependency plays in shaping our capacity to heal. Diverting from his previous purely optimistic imaginings of neutral utopias, the work raises questions of identity and conflict resolution untold.

For more information about the artist and to preview works in the exhibition please email

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