Tara Subkoff
What Is Coming Is Going





PERFORMANCE: Saturday, February 18th from 7–9pm

844 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles


The Hole is proud to announce a special performance by Tara Subkoff at its Los Angeles gallery. This evening-length artwork is designed to shake us from our screen-induced trance and connect people. Its title is a phrase the artist heard repeatedly during her experiences in plant medicine ceremonies conducted by Colombian shamans. It tells us to let go of anything that arises, however painful or scary, knowing that everything is temporary.

This performance explores the complex relationships we have with our lives, our egos, and with the transitions we make from one clinging space to another. We explore the false notion of our lives being finite and our deaths being the end. The audience is invited to enter into the circles of performers and participate in portions of the pieces. They are especially invited to participate in the “DISTRACTION” and “CHAOS” segments.


Tara Subkoff’s work represents the next wave of artistic practice; working beyond the transdisciplinary, she traverses not only different media but moves between fields from fashion to film. Disguising herself at turns as an “artist,” “director,” “actress” and “designer,” Subkoff brings her performative work to our everyday lives, working against the notions of labels, the status quo, and art designed for easy consumption.


For press inquiries, please contact kathy@thehole.com.