Pedro Pedro
Table, Fruits, Flowers and Cakes

PP 80

Pedro Pedro, Pink Cake with Berries, 2022, Acrylic on linen, 39 x 36 in, 99 x 91 cm.



February 14th – April 29th, 2023

Opening Tuesday, February 14th 6 – 8 PM at 844 N La Brea Ave

The Hole is proud to announce our forthcoming exhibition of paintings and drawings by Pedro PedroTable, Fruits, Flowers and Cakes

Los Angeles-based artist Pedro Pedro (b. 1986) specializes in capturing the playful anxiety of our everyday milieu. His still life paintings include fruit bowls, lavish spreads of food or clothes chaotically strewn about. In Pedro’s painted universe, wholesomeness coexists with disquiet tension, underscored by the artist’s skewed perspective and flat planes upon which all objects look ready to fall off the canvas. Most important to Pedro’s practice is his intuition: drafted from a collage of images, his scenes come together as he goes along, allowing his inner thoughts to shine through while also leaving space for our own.