Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux

b. 1985, Michigan, USA

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Anne Vieux is a painter, sculptor, and video artist exploring the effects of light, scale, and materiality on abstract painting. Her process involves scanning holographic paper then pushing the limits of the image data through extreme zooming, warping, and repetition. The manipulated images are then printed onto faux suede, and Vieux adds her final augmentation by hand using airbrushed acrylic paint and matte medium gel. The paintings exist as part of the great tradition of using tools wrong (here a digital scanner), and this marriage of virtual image, physical materiality, and painterly finesse ultimately seeks the tension between the physical and digital realms.




M.F.A. Painting, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI


M.A. Painting, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL


B.F.A. Painting / B.A. Art History, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO


Solo Exhibitions


Tennis Elbow, The Journal Gallery, New York, NY


The Window, The Journal Gallery, New York, NY


immaterial, County Gallery, Palm Beach, FL


command field, The Hole, New York, NY


Tennis Elbow, The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

MESH, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK


Same Window, Different Day, Good Weather Gallery, Little Rock, AK

Repeat/Loop/Return, Spring Break, Cuevas & Tilleard Gallery, New York, NY


Through the Plane, Stream Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Group Exhibitions


Bio TechThe Hole Gallery, New York, NY

Digital Painting and Sculptures In A Virtual World, Kong Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Zwang, C. G. Boerner, New York, NY
America Woman, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, Greece


The Mushroom Show, Sardine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Paper View, The Hole, New York, NY

/light_wave, Arts Brookfield, Brooklyn, NY

Flat Out: Drawing, 2000-2019, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

Post Analog Studio, The Hole, New York, NY

Highlight Gramercy, National Arts Club, New York, NY

ZONA MACO, The Hole, Mexico City, Mexico


Spine, OYG Projects, Brooklyn, NY

New York Now, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, Greece

Summer Reading, Woskob Gallery, Penn State University, State College, PA

Art Brussels, The Hole, Brussels, Belgium

ALAC, The Hole, Los Angeles, CA


A Space For Thought, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy

Painters and Photographers, Providence College, Providence, RI

Unfamiliar Again, Newcomb Art Museum, New Orleans, LA

Tomorrowland, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Unquestionable Optimism at The Barn, Johannes Vogt Gallery, East Hampton, NY

The Barn Show, Johannes Vogt Gallery, East Hampton, NY

Post Analog Painting II, The Hole, New York, NY

Small Painting, COUNTY Gallery, Palm Beach, FL

Highlights, Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT

Bound by Paper, LMAK Gallery, New York, NY

Future Humans, Plug Projects, Kansas City, MO

Elective Affinities: A Library, Hunter College Art Gallery, New York, NY


Hot, Produce Model Gallery, Chicago, IL

If you build it, The Willows, New York, NY

Analogue Watch, CES Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Six, Regina Rex, New York, NY

Emulator, Gallery 151, New York, NY


Next Wave Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY

Read Image, See Text, Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Sync (curated by Tom Kotik), Brookfield Arts, New York, NY

It was like a low flying, TSA, Philadelphia, PA

Kick the Door In, Witches of Bushwick, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

Human Occult Powers, Circuit12 Gallery, Dallas, TX

After Book: Anne Vieux & Sheryl Oppenheim, Hammock Gallery, Los Angeles, CA




Mana Artist Residency at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ


Witches x Eskff Artist Residency at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ


Artist Fellowship Emergency Grant, Foundation for Contemporary Art, New York, NY


Teaching Fellowship, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL