James Ulmer



James Ulmer 

While James Ulmer’s drawings may evoke memories of childhood innocence, their complexity and precision belie the notions of simplicity or nostalgia. Beautifully and carefully made, they convey both his talents as a draftsman, and his understanding of how to convey emotion. Ulmer graduated from the University of the Arts in 2005 with a degree in Illustration and Design and was awarded the Thorton Oakly Medal by the Society of Illustrators. Ulmer was a member of the Philadelphia’s legendary Space 1026 Collective from 2008-2011. Ulmer recently had a drawing published in the New York Times. He has exhibited his work in New York, Austin, Texas, and Baltimore, MD and Stockholm Sweden.

Upcoming Solo Exhibitions:

January 2022. V1 Gallery. Copenhagen. Denmark

May 2022. The Pit. Los Angeles. CA

April 2023. Carl Kostyal Gallery. Sweden

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

October 2021. The Hole Gallery. New York

October 2021. Marvin Gardens. New York

July 2021- 12. PmAm Gallery. London. England

February 2019- JJ. Amala Gallery. Tokyo. Japan

September 2018- Color & Shape. Leftfield Gallery. San Luis Obispo. CA

June- 2018- Play Orbit. Marvin Gardens. Ridgewood. NY

Selected Group Exhibitions:

July 2021- Horses? Chart Gallery. New York

July 2021- Wild Frontiers. The Pit Gallery. Los Angeles. CA

May 2021- Nature Morte. The Hole Gallery. New York

September 2020- Good Pictures . Jeffrey Deitch Gallery. New York

June 2019- Pack Den Badeanzug Ein. Galerie Kornfeld. Berlin. Germany

May 2019- Malmo Sessions. Carl Kostyal Gallery. Malmo. Sweden

May 2019- Peanuts. Eighteen Gallery. Copenhagen. Denmark

June 2016- A Being in The World. Salon 94. New York. NY

July 2015 – She Sells Seashells By The Seashore. Eric Firestone Gallery. East Hampton. NY

May 2015 – The Coyote. Steinsland Berliner Gallery. Stockholm Sweden

February 2014 – Tip Top. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. Brooklyn. NY


2005, BFA in Illustration and Design at The University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA