Dan Attoe
Dead of Winter

DAtt 53



February 5th, 2022- March 26th, 2022

Opening: Saturday, February 5th from 6-8pm

86 Walker Street, New York, 10013

The Hole is proud to announce a luminous solo show of neons by Northwestern artist Dan Attoe. It’s gonna be dark and cold this Saturday, so come bask in the artificial glow of these six new beauties, produced and installed by our Tribeca neighbor Lite Brite Neon.

For this exhibition Attoe revisits an important aspect of his oeuvre, the neon wall drawing. Known for painting immaculate and haunting miniature oil on canvas works of man and nature, Attoe nonetheless has always maintained active engagement with the medium of neon. I remember in 2008 showing a great neon work by him with Deitch Projects in Miami; “There is electricity in your head.” The texts are always provocative non-sequiturs that set off the edge of the image paired with it. In this piece above, for example, we can ponder whether nature is telling Death they love his work, Death is complimenting nature on their work, or perhaps the artist is just reflexively repeating a phrase often overheard at art openings.

The other works in the show are perhaps less literally in the “Dead of Winter” however they capture that bleak and interminable holding pattern of humanity that counterintuitively occurs in the shortest month of the year, February. Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers (aptly abbreviated as SAD) wander the snowy streets or most likely hide at home. “We knew this could happen.” Everyone is miserable (“Tough shit Tiffany”) and doomed like the melting snowman in the back gallery.

Two illuminating ladies offer some light at the end of the winter tunnel, tho perhaps quixotically. One Lady Godiva in jeans shorts straddles what looks like a horse drawn by someone who has never seen a horse. The other is a pretty princess, insipidly offering “all the light in the universe.” These works bring us back to the reason Attoe has maintained a relationship to neon which is its ability to connote both Las Vegas seduction and dive bar philosophy; we are drawn to the flame but it provides no comforting warmth.


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Please note: the exhibition originally scheduled to close on March 19th was extended and will now close on Saturday March 26th. 

1_DSC3996 1 2_DSC4006 1 3_DSC3880 1 4_DSC4044 1 5_DSC4037 1 6_DSC4021 1 7_DSC3976 1 8_DSC3952 1 9_DSC4108 1 10_DSC3863_HDR 1DAtt 50 Princess (All the Light in the Universe), 2022. Neon, 60 x 43 inches, 152 x 109 cm.

DAtt 51 Woman on Horse (There are Other Ways to Do Things), 2022. Neon,72 x 45 inches, 183 x 114 cm.

DAtt 52  Egret (Tough Shit Tiffany), 2022. Neon, 60 x 29 inches, 152 x 74 cm

DAtt 53  Skull Moon with Trees (I Love Your Work), 2022. Neon, 96 x 65 inches, 244 x 165 cm

DAtt 54 Dodo (We Knew This Could Happen), 2022. Neon, 48 x 32 inches, 122 x 81 cm

DAtt 55 (NEW)Snowman (You Can Do What You Want Now), 2022. Neon, 60 x 35 inches, 152 x 89 cm