Erwin Redl


The Hole is proud to present works by Erwin Redl in our new storefront space.

According to the artist:

The work investigates emergence, the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of simple interactions. Each light panel consist of four dials with eight high-brightness LED-lights each. The eight LEDs of each dial are arranged equidistantly in a circle around a center pole. The LEDs point towards the pole casting its shadow. The lights of each dial are animated sequentially causing the shadows to rotate 360 degrees. Two of the LED dials per panel consist of alternating white and red LEDs. The other two LED dials consist of alternating white and blue LEDs. By off-setting the start of the dials or operating different dials at different speeds, synergy between the individual dials emerges and produces complex large-scale patterns.

Dial White-Red White Blue (two panels), 2015, Two-panel light painting, each panel 16 white, 8 red, and 8 blue programmed LEDs on painted white board framed in stainless steel, each panel: 58 x 58 x 10 inches, 147 x 147 x 24 cm