The Brand new doors : contemporary landscape


Eric Shaw / Hiroki Tsukuda / Yoon Hyup

July 18th – August 15th, 2020

AISHONANZUKA Hong Kong is please to announce a group exhibition “The Brand New Doors : Contemporary Landscape”, a three artists group exhibition by Eric Shaw & Yoon Hyup from New York and Hiroki Tsukuda from Tokyo. The exhibition will be on view from July 18th to August 15th, 2020.

Eric Shaw was born in 1983 in New York, where he lives and works. His works are inspired by various graphic designs, logos and signs seen all over the city, and his work is a creation of images he has seen, which he combines and continuously alter and reconstruct. He transforms the sceneries we see every day into a hybrid abstract expression by moving between reality and digital and repeatedly moderating the urban environment.

Yoon Hyup was born in South Korea in 1982. He is a self-taught painter and has been working since early 2000 with murals and live paintings. In his work, Yoon freely uses lines and dots to draw a minimalistic landscape from a unique perspective. Components of various cultures, he has experienced, are strongly reflected in his works. The rhythm & improvisation in music, the flexibility & radical perspective in street culture are some of the creative inputs that transform into lines, dots, “rhythms” and colors in his works. A combination of these elements powers the creation of unique abstract paintings.

Hiroki Tsukuda was born in Kagawa, Japan in 1978, and works in Tokyo. In recent years he has received increasing international acclaim with numerous solo exhibitions including Monolog in the Doom, Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 2019; 199X Storm Garden, Capitain Petzel, Berlin, 2019; 199X, Nanzuka, Tokyo, 2018; Hour of Excavation, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany, 2017, A large scale work was recently acquired by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. His work is included in private and public collections worldwide. Working in the realms of drawing and digital collage, Tsukuda creates multi-dimensional pictures by compositing a profusion of found and created images and coding them with computerized characters and cryptic hieroglyphics. The resulting images appear in states of controlled chaos and organic mutation, edging on a pictorial language that merges cyberpunk fantasy and real-life space exploration.

In this exhibition, the issues of social situation seen from the perspective of people living in both contemporary and mixed reality as well as cyber spaces in modern society which is clearly shown through their artworks.