Jonathan Chapline
Dome House



Outgoing in our storefront space is a special panoramic painting by Jonathan Chapline “Dome House”, a work he just completed for a museum that ships out this week. We wanted a chance to exhibit it for people in person as the artist spend three months of quarantine composing and painting this mega-work. According to the artist:

   This particular piece was conceived during quarantine. Being in isolation in a small confined New York apartment with a lack of natural light, I was creating a space that I couldn’t exist in. Because I had the time and because I couldn’t be in studio painting, I was working and re-working this piece digitally many times over. The digital sketch phase was extremely difficult and frustrating and I went through many iterations and ultimately landed in a place where of all the assembled interiors I’ve made, this one feels the most realistic. Yet, the “exterior” or the outside of this space is undefined/unknown and is represented only by a haze of color. There are almost no plants or signs of life or even a moon/sun – maybe reflective of how I was feeling at the time.


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