Pedro Pedro
Still Life

PPed 15

July 9 – August 22, 2020

OPENING: Thursday, July 9th from 6-8pm

The Hole is proud to present the debut solo show by LA-based artist Pedro Pedro. This show, Still Life, includes a variety of the artist’s signature imagery from bowls of lumpy lemons to a disheveled chest of drawers. No humans are present in the exhibition as each work is a new take on the still life genre, but also perhaps because these works were all made during COVID quarantine where the artist was alone. We are all starting to emerge from our isolation: is this still life?

These paintings have an overall muted tonality and soft texture that comes from the technique of painting textile paint onto unprimed linen. Instead of the paint sitting on top of the fabric these works have the pigment soak into the fibers, dyeing them. This however does not prevent the artist from using a palette of bright, beautiful colors and expressive juxtapositions. Puckering navel oranges are convincingly juicy, the American cheese on half-eaten sandwiches evocatively toxic; we have panties, keys and cigarettes, sloppy sneakers and sodden tea bags, fecund melons and sour little pickles; in one giant painting we have almost all those things spread out on a giant studio table.

One grouping in this show includes palette tables and painting studio debris; another domestic grouping has couches, dressers and dirty clothes; while a third series renders fruit and veg with more traditional, edible still lifes. Giovanna Garzoni (Italian, 17th Century) is one inspiration in this show, especially the final work completed, “Melons, Peaches, Lemon, Pickle and Fly”; while many viewers tell me they feel Peter Saul vibes from the funky shapes and colors, I personally see some Eddie Martinez in the flipped up tables covered with crap; certainly these works are vibrant and exciting and simultaneously humble and human, bringing inventiveness to the quotidian still life.

Pedro Pedro (b. 1986)  lives in Los Angeles, CA and has exhibited at Richard Heller Gallery with solo shows at New Image Art in 2018 and Zero Zero Gallery in 2017. A recent review of his work appeared in Juxtapoz check it out HERE.

Above: Chair with Heels, Cup of Tea, Belt and Bra, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 49 x 36 inches, 125 x 91 cm
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PPed 11

Bowl With Citrus, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 39 x 36 inches, 99 x 91 cm

PPed 16

Tray With Lunch, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 35 x 40 inches, 89 x 102 cm

PPed 12

Couch, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 60 x 80 inches, 152 x 203 cm

PPed 15

Chair with Heels, Cup of Tea, Belt and Bra, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 49 x 36 inches, 125 x 91 cm

PPed 14

Studio table with Extension Cord, Bowl of citrus, Dirty Plates and Cups, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 48 x 76 inches, 122 x 193 cm

PPed 9

Folding Table With Paint Jars And Rags, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 49 x 48 inches, 125 x 122 cm

PPed 6

Table In Studio With Lotion And Denatured Alcohol, 2020, Acrylic and textile paint on linen, 46 x 68 inches, 117 x 173 cm

PPed 7

Dresser, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 60 x 46 inches, 152 x 117 cm

PPed 13

Pile of Clothes, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 50 x 57 inches, 127 x 145 cm

PPed 17

Pile of Fruit and Vegetables, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 45 x 54 inches, 114 x 137 cm

PPed 10

Basket With Bottles And Cans, 2020, Textile paint on linen, 32 x 42 inches, 81 x 107 cm