Jonathan Chapline at NANZUKA

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An image that creates a gap between digital and analog. Interview with Jonathan Chapline

There is no choice but to enjoy the production. Even if we get lost sometimes, we continue to move forward and uniquely create new methodologies in art. I was also excited by the story of the creativity scene that flowed vigorously and rhythmically. Young American artist Jonathan Chapline held her first solo exhibition in Asia this spring at NANZUKA. We talked about how the artists of the digital native generation came to the current style of drawing motifs constructed using rendering technology, their relationship with technology, their identity as a “painter”.

With his mother being a graphic designer, art is a familiar existence, and Chapline has been drawing since childhood. I was watching the design where her designs were actually printed in magazines at a printing shop that was taken to my mother after school by school. The smell of ink and CMYK color model are nostalgic memories. Having developed an interest in art in this kind of family environment, what really became a very important key to his current activities is his experience in the painting department of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). . During my training as an artist, not only critically asking and asking questions, but also re-evaluating, I learned how to acquire and disassemble images and then assemble them. It has had a very important impact on the process of thinking about the “image” that Chapline already had. But why did you want to learn painting rather than illustration or design?

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