Adam Parker Smith at Marlborough
The Smiths

Adam Parker Smith, Fearlessly the Idiot Faces the Crowd, 2019, mixed media, 52 x 12 x 67 in., 132 x 30.5 x 170 cm_1

Marlborough is pleased to present The Smiths, a group exhibitions inspired by a typically stimulating and amusing conversation with the artist Maurizio Cattelan. As per his imagining, the show consists of over 30 artists with the surname Smith. It spans multiple generations, styles and mediums and includes artists that are both famous and some who are less familiar.


Artists include:

David Smith

Kambel Smith

Greg Parma-Smith

Joshua Smith

Lucian Smith

Patti Smith

Harry Smith

Cary Smith

Zak Smith

Emily Mae Smith

Adam Parker Smith

Michael Bell Smith

Sable Elyse Smith

Matt Sheridan Smith

Meryl Smith

Clive Smith

Michael Smith

Barbara T. Smith

Greg SMith

Akeem Smith

Kiki Smith

Bridget Smith

Bob & Roberta Smith RA

Anj Smith

Richard Smith

John Smith

Matthew Smith

Sir Paul Smith


For more information on the exhibition, click here.

For more information on Adam Parker Smith, click here.