The Hole is proud to present a suitcase-sized exhibition in Basel this year, CARRY ON. From all over the world—ok but mostly New York—our artists have traveled to Basel for this project. Each has brought the largest artwork they could fit in their luggage. Please visit us at Klybeckstrasse, 51 Basel 4057 for work by Adam Parker Smith, Anne Vieux, Alex Gardner, Eric Shaw, Joakim Ojanen, Johnny Abrahams, Jonathan Chapline, Maja Djordjeciv, Matthew Stone, Morgan Blair, Palma Blank, Ry David Bradley. 

Whole art movements have been carry-on sized; before art shippers, DHL and airplanes, paintings had to make it from point A to point B as easily and safely as possible and often were modestly scaled to be carried around. Before you made it big, so to speak, you had to make it small. Plein Aire painters of course had to carry their couple canvases in a backpack or briefcase. Picture Van Gogh with his cane and satchel, or when one of the Brussels Surrealists had to take a piece over to the Paris Surrealists? They all made suitcase sized art so they could show each other in the cafes and ateliers of Europe. “Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe” was huge by Surrealism standards, about two by three feet.

And so will be everything in this show; three feet or smaller, one meter or smaller, fits in a checked bag, flying to Basel in the cargo hold. Consider it an antidote to Art Unlimited; this is Art Limited; restricted by restrictions of personal travel. Which is not to say that a small scale makes for small ideas or minor impact: as Robert Motherwell said “It’s possible to paint a monumental picture that’s only 10 inches wide, if one has a sense of scale, which is very different from a sense of size.”

The lived experience behind these works and this show is part of the point as well; after being inspired by the French Pavilion’s piece by Laure Provost at the Venice Biennale, our director was inspired to rally our own troupe of weirdos to go on this “epic journey” of sorts to bring their works to Basel. Granted we are not riding on horseback through France, but most of us are packing on to the train from Paris to Basel. Others are coming from London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Belgrade.

Part of the point is getting to stay with everyone in this house outside of the city, cooking dinner together, swimming in the Rhine together, chugging martinis at Three Kings together. Before we all make it big, we have the luxury of getting to all be together and enjoy ourselves traveling for art to a beautiful city, the stakes aren’t too too high yet, and we have a moment to float down the river with our artists for now.


Collector Preview: Monday, June 10 from 2:00 – 4:00pm

Tuesday, June 11 from 10:00 – 6:00pm

Wednesday, June 12 from 10:00 – 6:00pm

Thursday, June 13 from 10:00 – 6:00pm

Friday, June 14 from 10:00 – 6:00pm

Saturday, June 15 from 10:00 – 6:00pm


Klybeckstrasse, 51 Basel 4057



JCH 612 copy

Jonathan Chapline, Potted Plant, 2019, acrylic and flashe on panel, 7 x 5 inches, 18 x 13 cm

JCH 613

Jonathan Chapline, Bathing Sculpture, 2019, 7 x 5 inches, 18 x 13 cm


Jonathan Chapline, Out of Office (Away From Keyboard), 2019, acrylic and flashe on panel, 16 x 20 inches, 41 x 51 cm


Ben JonesTest Comic 1, 2017, Acrylagouache and oil paint stick on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 76 x 61 cm


Matthew Hansel, Communion, 2019, oil and flashe paint on linen, 24 x 18 inches, 61 x 48 cm


Dan AttoeSummer 2018, 2018, oil on canvas on panel, 12 x 18 inches, 31 x 46 cm


Eric ShawUntitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 76 x 61 cm


Eric Shaw, Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 76.2 x 61 cm


Joakim OjanenOn Back With All Four Feet In The Air, 2019, glazed ceramic, 4 x 6 x 3 inches, 10 x 15 x 8 cm


Joakim Ojanen, Three Eyes Wizard Duck, 2019, glazed ceramic, 9.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches, 24 x 15 x 11 cm


Joakim Ojanen, Beige Head With Clown Nose And Great Smile, 2019, glazed ceramic, 7 x 5 x 5 inches, 18 x 13 x 11  cm


Joakim Ojanen, Corn Waiting To Get Popped, 2019, glazed ceramic, 7.5 x 5 x 4 inches, 19 x 13 x 11 cm


Joakim Ojanen, Oooh That’s A Good Fucking Cloud Up There, 2019, glazed ceramic, 5 x 5 x 4 inches, 13 x 13 x 11 cm


Morgan Blair, Stick Around After The Show For a Raw, Emotional Performance Wherein I wWill Saw Through The Middle of a Loaf  of Bread The Size of a Station Wagon, and Then Using Only My Mouth Will Proceed To Fashion A Womb Out of One Half of The Loaf Where I Will Live Out The Rest of My Days Silently Ruminating On Hypothetical Scenarios That Haven’t Happened, But Could., 2019, acrylic and sand on canvas over panel, 11 x 14 inches, 28 x 36 cm


Maja Djordjevic, Swan With Me, 2019, enamel on canvas, 16 x 12 inches, 40 x 30 cm


Palma Blank, Block_Hovering_YLBL, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 29 inches, 91 x 74 cm


Anne Vieux, _traces_,2019, acrylic on fauxe suede, 24 x 18 inches, 61 x 46 cm

APS 1500

Adam Parker Smith, Bust, 2019, resin, fiberglass, urethane, steel, 30 x 15 x 9 inches, 76 x 38 23 cm


Ry David Bradley, 5bDt:u, 2019, dye cotton tapestry, 27.5 x 13.7 inches, 70 x 35 cm