April 10th – May 6th, 2018

OPENING: Tuesday, April 10th, from 6-9pm

The Hole is proud to announce diverse group show of the best new works in ceramic by emerging and established artists. Like the multi-part octopus piece by Joakim Ojanen pictured above, each work in CLAY TODAY will be a significant ceramic artwork, whether sculpture, wall work or even claymation video. Just some of the artists included:

Alice Mackler, Allison Schulnik, Aubry Broquard, Brie Ruias, Christian Vargas, Cristina Tufino, Dan McCarthy, Diana Rojas, Francesca DiMattio, FriendsWithYou, Gustav Hamilton, Heidi Lau, Jenny Hata Blumenfield, Jennie Jieun Lee, Jesse Edwards, Joakim Ojanen, Kate Klingbeil, Linda Lopez, Rebecca Morgan, Rose Eken, Roxanne Jackson, Shinichi Sawada, Thomas Mailaender, Trevor Baird, Valerie Hegarty, Zimra Beiner

Email for more information.

TheHole_ClayToday_install_01 TheHole_ClayToday_install_02 TheHole_ClayToday_install_03 TheHole_ClayToday_install_04 TheHole_ClayToday_install_06 TheHole_ClayToday_install_07 TheHole_ClayToday_install_08 TheHole_ClayToday_install_09 TheHole_ClayToday_install_12 TheHole_ClayToday_install_15 TheHole_ClayToday_install_16 TheHole_ClayToday_install_17 TheHole_ClayToday_install_18 TheHole_ClayToday_install_19 TheHole_ClayToday_install_20