Evan Gruzis

Evan Gruzis

b. 1979, Milwaukee, WI

Lives and works in Milwaukee, WI


Evan Gruzis lives and works in Milwaukee, WI.  Through a aesthetic language that could be deemed “Pop-Noir”, Gruzis’ work describes the complementary nature of the Other and the Mainstream. His drawings, paintings, and installations revel in seductive vapidity with an approach to light and subject matter that is at once romantic and darkly humored, stylized yet absurd. The viewer is invited to interpret if the conditions in Gruzis’ work are a reflection, dramatization, or indictment of contemporary culture -or an amalgam of all three.

He received his BFA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2002, and completed an MFA in Combined Media at Hunter College in 2008.  His work has been exhibited in New York at the David Zwirner Gallery, the Tilton Gallery, and the Harris Lieberman Gallery, and featured in publications such as The Journal and Esquire Japan.




MFA, Combined Media, Hunter College, New York, NY


BFA, Painting, University of Wisconsin Madison


Select Solo Exhibitions 


Real Feelings, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI


Atavistic Zen, DUVE Berlin, Germany

Shell Game, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL.


Strictly Method, Galerie SAKS, Geneva, Switzerland


Paper View, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI (forthcoming)

Alpha Wave, DUVE, Berlin, Germany


Shadow Work, Nicole Klagsbrun, New York, NY

Exotic Beta, The Hole, New York, NY


Rough Boy, Galerie Saks, Geneva, Switzerland

Dirty Black Summer Revisited, AMP Gallery, Athens, Greece


QUAZAI, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, Germany

A Touch of Grey, Journal Gallery, New York, NY


Dark Systems, Deitch Projects, New York, NY

THE DUSKY PARLOUR, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Select Group Exhibitions 


Sha Boogie Bop, Anonymous Gallery, New York, NY
Buying Friends: The Ryan Kortman Collection, UICA, Grand Rapids, MI
Go With The Flow, The Hole, New York, NY
Summer Show, Galerie SAKS, Geneva, Switzerland
Cielo & Tierra, Galeria Impakto, Lima, Peru
Silvier, Super Dakota, Brussels, Belgium
Combustion, Galerie SAKS, Geneva, Switzerland


A Study In Midwest Appropriation, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
Cisco Sysco Sisqo, La Fonda (Site-specific project), Rockaway, NY
Current Tendencies III, The Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, WI
Jam Session, Galerie SAKS
XSTRACTION, The Hole, New York, NY


Behind the Light, Galleria Pedro Cera, Lisbon, Portugal


Pure Logo, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA

Dark Vision, Galerie SAKS, Geneva, Switzerland

Rogue Elements, RH Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Art Machine, The Hole, New York, NY


Postermat, The Hole, New York, NY

Salad Days, The Journal, Brooklyn, NY

The Power of Selection Part 2, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

Not Quite Open For Business, The Hole, New York, NY

LOGOS – LOVOS with Aids 3-D and Duncan Malashock, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, Germany


New York Minute, Museo d‘Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Rome, Italy (Curated by Kathy Grayson)

Burn, Baby, Burn!, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Artissima 16, DUVE Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Inferno, Yautepec Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico (Curated by Leslie Rosa)

The Black & White Show, Collective Hardware, New York, NY (Curated by Meghan Carleton)

Black Hole, Kunsthalle Andraxt. (Curated by Dr. Friederike Nymphius)

Art Brussels with DUVE Berlin

Armory Show, Deitch Projects

Never Late than Better, Elisabeth Foundation of Arts, New York, curated by Trong Gia Nguyen


Conceptual Figure, Deitch Projects, NY

Mail Order Monsters 4, Max Wigram Gallery, London, UK

Mail Order Monsters 3, Andreas Melas Presents, Athens, Greece

Dark Fair, Swiss Institute, presented by the Milwaukee International

Performed Identities, Kathleen Cullen Fine Art, New York, NY

Art Brussels with DUVE Berlin

NEXT Chicago with DUVE Berlin


Painted Objects, Harris Lieberman Gallery, New York, NY

Famous Adults as Children, Famous Children as Adults, Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY

The Whitney Art Party / ISP Benefit, Whitney Museum, New York, NY

Journal Drawings, The Journal, New York, NY


The Armory Fair, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY

School Days, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY


Delusionarium2, White Box Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Tar Pit Tales, 4-F Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Happy Days are Here Again, David Zwirner Gallery, New York, NY


Man Walks Into a Room, Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY




Visiting Artist, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Visiting Artist, Milwaukee School of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI


Studio Presentation for Bucknell University, New York, NY


Visiting Artist, The Sotheby’s Institute, New York, NY




Adjunct Professor: Combined Media, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI


Teaching Assistant: Sculpture, Hunter College, New York, NY



The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

The Deste Foundation Collection, Athens, Greece

CCA Andraxt, Mallorca, Spain

The Hort Family Collection, New York, NY

The Artist Pension Trust, New York, NY

Try-Me Urban Restoration Project Collection, Richmond, VA


Select Publications 


Gruzis, Evan, “Existenstial Crisis: 38 Drawings & 41 Paintings,” New York: Anteism, Monograph


Gruzis, Evan, and Jaime Schwartz, “Evan Gruzis, Quazai,” Berlin: DUVE Berlin, Monograph


Grayson, Kathy, ed. “New York Minute: Sixty Artists on the New York Scene.” Miami, Fla.: O.H.W.O.W.


Grayson, Kathy, ed. Mail Order Monsters. New York: Deitch Projects, AMP, Picturebox, Full color plate.

Gruzis, Evan, Mara Hoberman and Joachim Pissarro, “Evan Gruzis: Dark Systems”, New York: Deitch Projects, Monograph


Benson, Jesse, Jeffery Vallance and Kenney Berger, “Delusionarium,” p 31, Cat. Illus., Santa Ana


Select Press

Berlin Art Journal, Passive States, March 9, 2012

Opening Ceremony New News, A Studio Visit with Evan Gruzis, July 29, 2011

Interview Magazine, Vacation’s All He Ever Wanted, May 2009