Ry David Bradley


Ry David Bradley

Booth: B14

June 13th – 18th, 2016

Markethalle Basel, Switzerland



The Hole is proud to announce a solo booth by Australian artist Ry David Bradley, presenting seven new works and an installation. These painterly compositions are made in the computer from surveillance footage from the artist’s studio; they will be presented in our booth with a floor sticker of the artist’s studio floor. Using a very analog process of super-hot dye transfer, the artist makes a very tactile and inviting digital painting, achieving chromatic saturation that we expect from screenic images. The pile of the velvet is receptive to touch and can be interacted with by the public, changing the shade of the colors by brushing across the surface creating compositions.

These works are a continuation of the artist exploring digital painting, from his debut show at Bill Brady (http://www.billbradygallery.com/ry-david-bradley-installation/) in Kansas City in 2014 that featured digitally blurred out landscape paintings and installations of functionless fences. His 2015 solo show at Brand New Gallery (http://www.brandnew-gallery.com/Software/exhib_instviewsC.php?exhib=334) , Milan featured altered landscape paintings culled from the New York Public Library of rare pictures based on locations given by anonymous callers to Microsoft in 1996 during its “Where Do You Want To Go Today?” campaign. Most recently a solo at Evelyn Yard (http://www.evelynyard.com/exhibitions/ry-david-bradley-unvalley-valley/) in London explored a new “editable” type of painting where the viewer can interact with the surface of the pieces. These works were generated from screenshots of real time surveillance footage and like the works here at VOLTA 12 contain the time stamp of the screenshot on the surface.

Ry David Bradley (1979, Melbourne) founded the influential post-analog art blog PAINTED, ETC (http://www.paintedetc.com/) in 2009 which was pivotal in bringing together criticism and an exchange of ideas around Post-Internet art making. He graduated with a MFA from Victorian College of the Arts in 2013.

For more information about the artist and to preview works in exhibition please email raymond@theholenyc.com.

Featured image: “ADD-PAINTING (26-5-2016-8-28-19)”, 2016, dye transfer on synthetic velvet, 48 x 32 inches