Art Brussels 2016

Russell Tyler, SPGA3, 2016 (76 x 75 inches)

Art Brussels

Matthew Stone
Russell Tyler

Booth: C7
April 21 – 24, 2016

Tour & Taxis
Avenue du Port 86C
BE 1000 Brussels, BELGIUM

The Hole is proud to present a two-person booth at Art Brussels. Juxtaposing texture-driven abstract painter Russell Tyler with the 2D new media abstract works of Matthew Stone, the booth will highlight two ways to look at abstract painting from a conceptual and material-based angle.

Russell makes abstract paintings that seem to be about abstraction and painting. Tyler scrapes, slaps and smears oil paint into surprisingly controlled-looking ab ex rectangles that appear “pictorial.” His oil paintings contain controlled moments of action and gesture, lumps where a giant dollop of paint is plopped on, smears where fingers swipe in more pigment, even mini explosions of color where a laden brush slaps hard against the surface. Around the little universes of paint marks with personality are crisp borders and perfectly abutting textured backgrounds.

Matthew Stone paints grant and luscious gestures and then 3d scans the result. In the computer he can compose the strokes in three dimensions, rotating and shifting them to “paint in space”. These works are then printed on to acrylic or linen, creating a new media work that is about abstraction and inhabits a liminal zone between two and three dimensionality.

Featured image: Russell Tyler, “SPGA3”, 2016, 76 x 75 inches