Vanessa Prager



Vanessa Prager’s rich impasto surfaces revel in the tactile, physical potential of oil paint, innovatively rethinking one of art’s most storied and sacred genres: the portrait. Working under the auspices of neo-expressionism, Prager’s canvases all but dispense with the traditional goals of portraiture – capturing a sitter’s personality, emotional state and physical likeness – prioritizing, instead, the literal qualities of paint. Prager was born in Los Angeles, where she continues to live and work. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions on both coasts, and has been written about in Elle magazine and the L.A Times.


Vanessa Prager

b. 1984

Los Angeles, CA


Solo Exhibitions


Voyeur, The Hole, NY



Dreamers, Richard Heller Gallery, LA



Hours, Richard Heller Gallery, LA

The Moon is Down, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, SF


Group Exhibitions


Russian Doll, M+B, LA



In the Heat of the Night, Castor Gallery, NY

The Blob, Richard Heller Gallery, LA



Me and Benjamin, Galerie Xippas, Paris France

Boy+Girl, The Salon at Automatic Sweat, LA



Seven Sisters, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, SF

Good Intentions, Subliminal Projects Gallery, LA



Portrait of A Generation, The Hole, New York, New York

High Five, New Image Art, LA, California

MOCA Fresh, MOCA Grand Avenue, LA, California

Incognito, Santa Monica Museum of Art, LA, California

California Girls, Katherine Cone Gallery, LA, California



Girls, girls, girls, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, New York

Drawn, Subliminal Projects, LA



Wreck the Walls, Subliminal Projects Gallery, LA, California



Hunting and Gaming, Robert Berman Gallery, LA, California

The Big Show, Silas Marder Gallery, New York, New York

Under the Influence, Gallery 1988, LA, California



Crazy for Cult, Gallery 1988, LA, California



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Works held in private collections across the United States, and England