Hole Foods

Pop Up Restaurant

The Hole is pleased to announce Hole Foods, an artist designed restaurant pop up  on 14th Street and 2nd Avenue. Joe Grillo of the collective Dearraindrop has transformed the restaurant into a vibrant den of artworks, with a neon drip mural across the ceiling, walls and floor, customized tables and tablecloths, painted furniture, video works, black light bathrooms, a ceiling installation, and interactive sound sculptures. He even made a customized chef suit and hat for the executive chef, Robert Rubba.

Instead of the traditional handful of paintings hung on a dingy wall of a coffee shop, The Hole
wanted to create a real artist café that featured the complete vision of an artist customizing all
the components of the restaurant to make a unique dining experience. Grillo (b. 1980 Virginia
Beach) has exhibited internationally with recent solo shows at Galleri Loyal in Sweden, GAD in
Norway, and has his first big New York City solo show with the Hole this coming October.

The Hole will be opening the restaurant with a private dinner Saturday May 5th with top artists,
curators and collectors featuring video by artist Matthew Stone who will also DJ the event. We
will be activating the restaurant this summer with special projects and performances, including
a Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black night with hostesses and servers in head to toe Karen
Black make up.