The Hole & Delano present SALEM
The Delano


Special Live Performance at Delano

November 30th, 2011

Doors at 10pm, Performance at 11pm, 1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

 The Hole  and Delano are pleased to announce a special live performance by acclaimed art crossover band Salem to celebrate this year’s Art Basel Miami.

 Salem are three young musicians from Chicago and Michigan who have been making art and music together since 2004. The band is celebrated as having invented a new kind of music, a genre that some call “witch house” or “drag”, that is essentially a new incarnation of hip-hop.

Heather Marlatt, John  Holland and Jack Donoghue comprise the band, and their three personalities find auditory expression in the music: John’s languor, Heather’s innocence and intensity, Jack’s sloppy fearlessness.  They are digitally savvy internetted youth using the available tools to take music into their own hands to creating the kind of music they want to hear. It just might be the future!

 Salem has been featured recently in Purple Magazine, Rolling Stone, Interview, T Magazine, GQ, V magazine and i-D magazine. Their debut album was released in 2010 titled King Night and their most recent release is an EP called I’m Still in the Night.

The performance was designed by Thunder Horse Video. NYC- based artists Thunder Horse Video have collaborated with Salem internationally – producing a surreal swatch of fog, light, and effects. They will be presenting a stage designed specifically for the pool of the Delano.