NADA 2011 Déjà-Booth



NADA Art Fair 2011


December 1 – 4, 2011

Preview December 1, 10am – 2pm

Thursday, Dec 1: 2-8pm

Friday, Dec 2: 11am-8pm

Saturday, Dec 3: 11am – 8pm

Sunday, Dec 4: 11am – 5pm


The Deauville Beach Resort, Miami Beach

6701 Collins Ave at 67th Street


For the NADA Art Fair the Hole continues their tradition of presenting challenging and inventive art fair booths with a curatorial performance project: Twin Booths. This project consists of making two identical art fair booths right next to each other staffed by identical twins.

The project was conceived not just for the pleasure of confusing and intriguing fair visitors, who often after hours of perusing a fair fall into a trance like, sheep like state where they walk around without really taking anything in, but because twinning is an approach many artists use when pursuing an idea. To work through a certain conceptual, compositional or scale decision, many artists make two works that are nearly identical.  Perhaps one is in color and one black and white, one larger than the other, once contains a certain text and the other a variant.

Artists explore this in many different ways, and our booth will feature “twin” works by Eric Yahnker, FriendsWithYou, Evan Gruzis, Eddie Martinez, Robert Lazzarini, Theo Rosenblum, Matt Jones, Joe Grillo, Ara Peterson, Kembra Pfahler + E.V. Day, Matthew Stone, Kadar Brock, Lola Schnabel and Sayre Gomez. The booth will be staffed by artist twins Dee and Ricky.

The booth will be staffed by artist and designer twins Dee and Ricky Jackson. This booth concept was developed last year during NADA by artist and designer Teddy Willhoughy.

To preview available works please email or call 212.466.1100