New York Minute

The expression ‘A New York Minute’ refers to the speed that New Yorkers react to stimuli; with impatience, immediacy and a savvy energy. The drama and speed of the expression is presented in a clock created by artist Chris Johanson, which is the lead image of the new exhibition New York Minute which will open at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow in April 2011.  The exhibition has been curated by Kathy Grayson, Director of the Hole, in collaboration with exhibition designer Rafael de Cárdenas, Founder of Architecture at Large.

New York Minute features over sixty artists and who live in and around New York City, the exhibition presents a survey of the most exciting new tendencies coming out of the city and its extended networks.  Together they capture the drama, danger and speed of New York, showing a rapid and resourceful response to current cultural events and issues specific to their generation and to the city.  As the exhibition curator Kathy Grayson comments ‘All these artists have exhibited together, partied together, dated each other, studied together, or painted together with less than two levels of removal from each other. This exhibition truly represents a cross section of an expanded artist community’.


New York Minute is articulated into three main thematic arenas: Street Punks, Wild Figuration and New Abstraction.

Street Punks uses the dark energy of the streets to make frank, confrontational punk projects. Working with collage, photography, music or sculpture, the artists create gritty artworks inspired by the danger and lawlessness of the city. Artists include Dash Snow, Spencer Sweeney, Terence Koh, Nate Lowman, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Lizzi Bougatsos and Aurel Schmidt.


Wild Figuration is colorful and pop featuring artists who favour found objects and a handmade aesthetic often using graphic and comic influences, rather than the ‘slick and sly’. Their works radiate an interconnectivity and communal attitude echoed by how they often organize into collectives and groups. Artists include Chris Johanson, Jim Drain, assume vivid astro focus, Dearraindrop, Takeshi Murata, Allison Schulnik and Jules de Balincourt.

A third major tendency explored within the exhibition is New Abstraction. Whether updating New York School abstraction with the energy of the streets, (such as Dan Colen, Rosson Crow, or Sterling Ruby); or revitalizing outmoded conceptual approaches to abstraction with current digital-era concerns (such as Xylor Jane and Ara Peterson), the new abstract is urgent and immediate.

As an extension and summation of the exhibition, American architect and designer Rafael de Cárdenas will design an Artist Shop space in his signature aesthetic of bold lines, colour and contrast to present the zines, stickers, t-shirts, jewellery and books the group of artists has produced.

The first version of the exhibition was previously shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO) from 19 September to 1 November 2009. The project was promoted and produced by DEPART Foundation, an organization dedicated to the promotion and support of young contemporary artists (
The exhibition, with more than 40,000 visitors, was the contemporary art show with the highest average number of visitors per day in Italy.


Artists include

Cory Arcangel; assume vivid astro focus; Tim Barber; Aaron Bondaroff; Lizzi Bougatsos; Joe Bradley; Mat Brinkman; Peter Coffin; Dan Colen; Dearraindrop; Cody Critcheloe; Rosson Crow; Jules de Balincourt; Joe Grillo; Jim Drain; Gardar Eide Einarsson; Martha Friedman; Ry Fyan; Tomoo Gokita; Patrick Griffin; Evan Gruzis; Xylor Jane; Chris Johanson; Ben Jones; Terence Koh; Andrew Kuo; Robert Lazzarini; Hanna Liden; Nate Lowman; Brendan Lynch; Eddie Martinez; Barry McGee; Ryan McGinley; Keegan McHargue; Taylor McKimens; Takeshi Murata; Kembra Pfahler; Paper Rad; Ara Peterson; Steve Powers; Sterling Ruby; Kenny Scharf; Aurel Schmidt; Allison Schulnik; David Benjamin Sherry; Dash Snow; Francine Spiegel; Spencer Sweeney; Threeasfour; Kon Trubkovitch; Alan Vega; Banks Violette; Jaimie Warren; Michael Williams


A version of the exhibition was previously shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO) from 19 September – 1 November 2009. The project is promoted and produced by the DEPART Foundation, an organization dedicated to the promotion and support of young contemporary artists.



Events and Learning


New York Minute will be accompanied by a series of events, concerts, screenings, performances and happenings that present like-minded artists to the spirit of the exhibition. Garage will create a number of separate strands which explore the thematic areas and flavor of the exhibition, they will attempt to provoke challenging perspectives and examine current ideas within a wider American contemporary culture.

Garage Kids will form a series of New York Minute free activities, events and trails where children can engage with their world through the eyes of an artist to inspire their own creativity and understanding of American contemporary art. Garage encourages children to learn through creative activity and playful experiences with contemporary culture. At special weekends the free Garage Create New York Minute workshops will offer children the chance to work with young and talented artists to create their own artworks using the current exhibitions, culture and art as inspiration.


Downtown New York will be further explored through a specially commissioned film program in Garage Screen, it will explore the experimental happenings and some of the most influential figures that shaped the development of radical ‘new art’ from the 1950s until today in New York City.


Kathy Grayson is the exhibition curator.Kathy is a young and already well known American critic and Director of Deitch Projects, one of the most influential art galleries in the United States. Grayson is today one of the greatest international experts on new tendencies in contemporary art.



Rafael De Cardenas is the exhibition designer. He received a B.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design and worked with Calvin Klein for 3 years as a designer. In 1999, he began pursuing an architecture degree at Columbia University, later transferring to UCLA where he received his Masters in architecture in 2002. His first project following graduation was working with the architect Greg Lynn on the redesign of the World Trade Center site. De Cárdenas then began work as creative director in the New York offices of special effects production house Imaginary Forces. In 2005, de Cárdenas opened his own design firm out of an office in New York’s Chinatown. His interest in creating environments with moods, as opposed to any specific style, has allowed him to work with an array of clients. Using color, light, and pattern, de Cárdenas has created artful, imaginative interiors for boutiques, restaurants and private residences in London, Rome, Athens, Chicago, Miami, New York, and the Hamptons. His work has been featured in Elle Décor, Vogue Paris, The New York Times, Surface and Metropolis in addition to others.




Garage Center for Contemporary Culture is a major non-profit international arts space based in Moscow, dedicated to exploring and developing contemporary culture which opened in 2008. There are two distinct areas of programming – ‘to bring important international modern and contemporary art and culture to Moscow’ and ‘to raise the profile of Russian contemporary culture and encourage a new generation of Russian artists’.  These are explored within a series of exhibitions ranging from major surveys of important collections to single artist retrospectives or group exhibitions.  Garage also hosts a strong program of special on-site events including talks, film screenings, workshops, performances and creative activities for children.

Housed in a 20th century Constructivist masterpiece by Konstantin Melnikov, Garage’s space includes galleries, open exhibition spaces, courtyard, cafe, kids space, purpose built auditorium and media room, all designed by award winning architect Jamie Fobert.

Garage is a project  of the The Iris Foundation, founded by Daria Zhukova.


New York Minute

April 2011


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